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At this year's International Technical Fair 2017 in Plovdiv a total of 6 gold medals were distributed to Plovdiv companies for their innovating exhibits. For our company there is immeasurable joy and recognition for the diligent work of the whole team that 3 of the 6 medals from the section "Electronics and Electrotechnics, Robotics, Information Technologies, Telecommunications and Office Equipment" went to ORAK Engineering. Our award-winning software platforms and products are ORAK R6 Online School, ORAK R6 Health School and ORAK R5 Point of Sales and Services All in One (for shops, restaurants, hotels and service centers).

The most impressive and most of all jury and guest interest was Orak R6 Health School, about which ORAK Engineering Manager Krassimir Stoyanov commented: "My son inspired me to create the Healthy School software solution that it is already used in 850 educational institutions, it is an electronic money card that can only be spent on useful foods. " ORAK R6 "Health School" is an innovative product for managing all aspects of healthy school eating.

ORAK R6 "Health School" greatly simplifies the process of declaring and managing school catering services from parents to children, also enabling online payment of requested services and issuing electronic student coupons

The product provides a complete back-office organization of a catering company with a full set of prescriptions, allergens, online payments, tagging terminal, etc. The product was developed on the basis of the innovative business platform ORAK R6 with the technology support of Microsoft, USA and MasterCard, USA. Designed and maintained for the markets of Europe, the Middle East, Russia and the United States. More about the platform you can learn from the official website: www.healthyschool.orak365.net

The awarded exhibits of ORAK Engineering - "ORAK R6-Online School", ORAK R6-Health School and ORAK R5 Point of sales and services All in One, you can see live demonstrations at the International Fair Plovdiv until 30 September, 600 companies from nearly 40 countries.

Summer internship program 2017/2018

Along with summer emotions and adventures, ORAK offers a new dose of adrenaline!

One of ORAK's main goals is to go hand-in-hand with innovation and the fast-growing technology world. The company has stable professional departments behind it that take care of both the creation of efficient software products and the satisfaction of their customers' needs.

Equally, ORAK gives a wonderful opportunity for young people to enter the kitchen of a successful software company. For one more year the summer internship program is already a fact!
ORAK Internship 2017/2018 is our way to involve you - young and ambitious people in the innovative and ever-evolving world of high-tech software, giving you knowledge, skills and real workmanship.

Highly qualified specialists will be your mentors along the path of improvement, accompanying you through theory and practice.

If you are dynamic, creative, open to professional horizons and have the passion for new knowledge, maybe this is your chance to take on your career path!

For more information on open internship programs, go to https://orakgroup.com/en/career where you can choose the right placement for you!

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