ORAK R6 Property & Facility Management System


ORAK R6 Property & Facility Management System is an innovative software-based business platform, connected to global Internet services, offering unlimited possibilities for managing your business. The system allows the processing of all business processes in the rapidly growing global market for PM (property management) and FM (support services) and is also very suitable for global real estate operators. Flexibility and high security are the main features of the system and allow its use also in the public sector and in areas of national security and defense.

Property & Facility Management System combines experience and cutting-edge technology, enabling our clients to use in the most effective way the potential of their property.

  • Scalability - you can manage one apartment block entrance to a city with business and residential buildings
  • Integrability - Support connection to all common BMS systems, PBX, etc.
  • Immediate returns - start to work and earn zero initial investment
  • Increased collection of receivables you - via the built-in client portal manage customer accounts quickly and easily, getting the full value of management
  • Security - embedded systems for increased "cloud" security guarantee their own information security and that of your clients
  • Keeping contracts: keeping contact information a contractor, setting the period of validity of the contract monitoring equipment to the contract option to attach files to a contract opportunity for the introduction of contractual relationships between counterparties
  • Keeping records of completed contracts
  • Charging costs to a contact, the possibility of adjusting the accrued expense, keeping revision history
  • Issuance of the proforma and subsequent fakturitane, sending pro forma invoices and e-mail
  • Monitoring of payments on a pro forma, draw up a balance of contact for a period
  • Ability to record the payments in different currencies
  • Implementation and monitoring of deposit account to contact
  • Monitor requests to contacts; filing of the application and monitor the status of the application, charging the expense incurred for activities
  • Sending reminders by e-mail contact for an activity
  • Monitor employment of ownership
  • Allocation of costs incurred for maintenance and property management in feathers
  • Introduction of evidence to the cost centers and their monitoring by month
  • Charging of the displayed under contract
  • Possibility of integration with other software systems to record the statements of cost centers
  • Ability to enter detailed information contact
  • Introduction of the ownership structure of buildings, units and unit types
  • Monitoring services feathers; ability to set a different rate of service
  • Ability to set prices for several services and price list for various periods of monitoring the use of telephones to the units and contracts



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