ORAK Market R5 - Софтуер за магазини
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софтуер за магазин

Orak Market R5 is a comprehensive and fully integrated solution for management and control of commercial processes. We understand the challenges of the Retail industry and the critical success factors:

  • Better customer service
  • Stability
  • Integration

In answer to your needs, we offer an innovative POS Solution. Regardless of whether you manage a small store, supermarket, chains of stores or wholesale, Orak Market R5 can be adjusted in accordance with your specific requirements, and help you to work more effectively, and to communicate easily with your clients.

Orak Market integration with electronic labels system allows full correspondence between the prices at the stands, and the prices at the cashier.

What are the advantages?

  • Improved efficiency of the work process and reduced fraud
  • Systematic management of different models of electronic scales, barcode, magnetic and barcode readers, label printers, electronic displays and other devices supporting the work process
  • Automatic tracking of invoices and inventory
  • Monitor and maintain consignment
  • Integrated full and First In - First Out traceability
  • Set minimum quantities of goods
  • Automatic order for delivery according to the amounts in the warehouse certain commercial parameters
  • Revision through audit inventory , opportunity of using online and offline terminals
  • Automatic change of prices in the period of promotions, happy hour, etc.
  • Mixed currency payments and credit card payments
  • Module for monitoring client bonus points
  • Processing of food vouchers
  • Ability to conduct clients policy using Loyalty card for discounts and mixed payments, Gift Cards, gift vouchers and more
  • Integration with the online store
  • Increase customer satisfaction and customer loyalty
  • Ability to send reports automatically generated
  • Flexible remote references
  • Faster and quality customer service
  • Export data to accounting and ERP systems

Challenges that the owners of small shops face today are how to survive pressed by the hypermarkets. An effective way to retain the customers in local shops is the personal attitude. It is essential for small shops to strengthen their advantages - convenience of nearby destinations, good and fast service, quality product range. The monitoring of daily sales is a necessity.

That is why ORAK POS light was designed to meet the needs of specialty shops (dairy, meat, fruit, vegetables, etc.), groceries and household goods, alcohol and cigarettes, and more.

The benefits ORAK POS light provides for you:
  • Save investment in expensive hardware
  • Integration of scale and bar code reader at the point of sale
  • Improved work efficiency by servicing more than one client at the same time.
  • Visualization of the availability of the items on sale
  • Fast and accurate delivery and revisions
  • Limited waste by monitoring sales
  • Increased customer satisfaction and customer loyalty
  • Ability to create the most frequently used reports with access levels
  • One operation can create new products, deliver it and set a price

Retailers are constantly seeking ways to increase customers flow. Changes in consumers' behavior are a big challenge. In order to adapt to the changing consumers' habits, retailers need to improve the access to quality commercial services and products at competitive prices.

The benefits Orak Market R5 provides for you:

  • Improved traceability and control of all process
  • Reduced fraud
  • Increased employee productivity and quality of service
  • Integration with electronic labels, which allows full correspondence between the prices that are displayed on the counters and the prices at the cash register
  • Integration with video surveillance system
  • Limited waste by monitoring sales
  • Increased revenue and profit maximization
  • Higher degree of customer satisfaction

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ORAK Market – irreplaceable partner in the effective management and control of each stage of our commercial activities.

Georgi Tanev
Supermarket Owner


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