Orak R6 Issue Management

ORAK R6 Issue Management (for Cloud & Mobile) is an innovated cloud-mobile platform for fast and cheap construction of complex management solutions for group efficiency, transparency and reliable solution of the occurred clients' needs. The system works in an interactive mode through web browser and with an increased level of information security.

ORAK R6 IM manages the processes of identification and decision making of every issue, which can appear in the life cycle of your business. The range is unlimited. Problems with the management of the resource centres, tangled communications, synergy at work, internal and external queries, technical malfunctions, guarantee of the services which you provide - they all can be easily controlled and solved by using ORAK R6 IM.

Designed to be flexible, with multiple cloud services, the product allows integration and synchronization to every working system, which responds to the modern criteria for business management.

  • The developed mobile version ORAK R6 IM Mobile provides the opportunity for control and accessibility to the information and operations from every smartphone, tablet and laptop, using the full range of functionalities.

Why ORAK R6 IM is for you?

  • You want to increase the level of clients support
  • You want to guarantee the services that you provide
  • You want to manage your resources easily and to accomplish further control
  • Make the internal and external communication easier
  • Keep up with the internal and external queries
  • Receive duly information for technical failure
  • The internal information to be intercepted and processed through call center
  • Increase the turnover by monitoring of the content
  • Increase the quality control

What are the advantages of the SaaS model?

  • You immediately start working, without big initial investment
  • You pay only the monthly subscription and profit by the full functionality of the software
  • The product is available for every client,  regardless of the location or range of business
  • You receive additional services


In its extended version, the product provides modules which are additional configured for the system, as well as integration with external analogical:

  • Project Management Module – import the parameters of the project, tracking the plans of its accomplishment and generating the summarized reports for the stages of realization;
  • Call Center Module – automatic intercepting and processing of the incoming information through call center и helpdesk systems– any type of incoming queries, voicemail, identification, control and arrangement of the incoming and outgoing calls;
  • Billing Module – automatic costing of the services, financial estimates and generating the documents for payment (offers, preforms, invoices, etc.)
  • Knowledgebase Module – summarizing and classification of the solutions according to the processed cases, and its indexing in the database.


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